Is Professional Upholstery Cleaning Right for You?

If you’re looking into professional upholstery cleaning, it’s likely because you have furniture that doesn’t look as beautiful as it did when you first bought it. At Power Steam Carpet Cleaning LLC this is one of our most requested services and something we’re well trained for helping our clients with. Are you wondering if it’s right for you? Some situations when professional cleaning for upholstery can be worth it include:

Smelly Furniture

With adults, children, and even animals sitting on your furniture, it’s no wonder why it can begin to develop a “smell” after a while. Of course you can spray air fresheners on these, but because those only mask the odors, those don’t actually resolve the problem at the core. If you’re looking for something more effective, professional upholstery cleaning is what you need. The cleaning process we use gets deep down into the fibers of your furniture to improve the smell considerably. With that, you can quit using sprays and enjoy a cleaner smell throughout your home.

Clean Materials and Reduced Stains

Stains are common on couches, chairs, ottomans, and just about any other furniture in the house (especially if you have pets or kids). If you’re tired of using DIY solutions that just don’t work, then professional cleaning will be helpful. We use the most powerful yet gentle cleaning methods out there to get rid of stains and deep clean all types of fabrics or materials on your furniture. As a result, you end up with furniture that looks like new and isn’t riddled with stains and spots that continuously bother you.

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